Thousands of People Every Year Killed by Guns

- by MJ (Montclair, VA)

We can round and round the merry go round forever on this gun control stuff.

But there is a bottom line the conservatives won't address and that is the enormous disparity in gun deaths in the US vs other countries with stricter gun laws. the rate far exceeds any other rate (like general violence rate) and climbs all the way to 36 times more gun deaths in the US than Britain.

That works out to tens of thousands of people every year killed by guns. To me, it's worth trying to do something about that. Something like what they do everywhere else. More gun control.

If that proves not to work, then heck, just arm everyone. But first, it seems most reasonable to try what seems to work so much better everywhere else.

Comments for Thousands of People Every Year Killed by Guns:

Get Rid of Fast Food Joints too - by Kellee H.

More people die from obesity and related diseases than guns, May be we should get rid of fast food joints too? They are killing Americans and making us so fat and lazy that many don't even cook their family dinner anymore, they pick it up at a drive-thru window!

Brains Blown out by a Gun - by MJ

Kellee, there's a bit of a difference between choosing to eat fast food and getting your brains blown out by a gun.

Some Mental Distress - by Kellee H.

Exactly! Most people who choose to own guns know what they are doing, People who pick it up over some mental distress( i.e. depression, comfort, to feel better about themselves) are ignorant of the results. These little punks that go into public places and blow people away have the same convenience of a binge eater at their local KFC.

Trying to take away the second amendment will bring about a second civil war! Giving people knowledge about what can happen with a gun (or big mac) will change things, not taking the legality of it. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens would be the worst thing we as a country could do!

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