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The main point of this website is simply to have a place where I (and others) can write and discuss what we believe and why. Where we can comprehensively address the issues in -- hopefully -- an informed, thoughtful and thorough way. I think the web format can be very useful for that kind of discourse. You are always able to go back, clarify, add another comment, another point, etc. Eventually, arguments get sorted out; the better ones rising to the top; and this is good for liberal arguments. But, it does take time.

Frankly, I got tired of spending lots of time researching issues and then posting about them on Facebook and seeing it all just disappear as new discussions came up. So, rather than spend time posting Facebook status updates or twitter "tweets" that soon evaporate -- this is a static site devoted to gospel and political topics and everything written on it will stay for good (of course, unless you write something you ask me to remove) and be able to be found when needed.

I hope others (i.e. you) who are interested in the things discussed here will participate in the conversation.

Some have told me not to mix religion and politics. There are both conservative and liberals who say that. Some say the gospel of Jesus is only about spiritual matters; not practical "worldly" concerns. Even those who agree that the gospel has significant social and political implications often say it is fruitless to discuss those implications. They say people simply will not change their social and political views -- no matter what.

Sorry, but I disagree. I know many people who have changed their social and political views because of their new understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am one such person. So, this website will proclaim the full gospel of Jesus Christ -- including both its spiritual and worldly implications. The heartbeat of the site is about how we can align our beliefs, values, and actions -- our lives -- including our politics -- with the Kingdom of God. Fortunately, what we are to do, how we are to live, was clearly articulated and modeled by Jesus.

In a way, one could say I hold a "conservative" view of the christian faith. For instance, I fully affirm the tenants of the Nicene Creed. And, I take the bible seriously. BUT, if one does that, and really studies the bible, I think one becomes more open to multiple faithful interpretations of various (especially tangential) theological points. I suppose many would call that liberalism. To me, it's faithful and honest study of Gods Word.

In any event, whether I am liberal or conservative theologically, my belief in the bible and the gospel causes me to take it, especially the words of Jesus, seriously. And, in so doing I find myself taking what normally are called "liberal" or "progressive" (though not necessarily "Republican" or "Democrat") social and political positions as I try to live out the gospel.

Understanding the full gospel; especially that we can be part of God's kingdom on earth, now -- indeed, God wants us to be -- changed everything for me. It opened up a whole world of discovery about what it really means to seek, live in, proclaim, and advance, the Kingdom of God. It's breathtaking to catch a glimpse of the world as it should be; as Jesus saw it. The gospels offer us that view.

If you'd like to contact me, please use the form at contact us.

Thanks, and may we all come to believe in the Kingdom of God -- and live that way.

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