The "We Don't Want Your Money" Church

Hi, thanks for stopping by. So, would you love to attend a friendly, loving, christian church (in Prince William County, Virginia) that didn't need your money? A church where the members are also the leaders and run things? A church that seeks to follow in the Way of Jesus? (And isn't effectively a wing of the Republican Party as so many churches today are.)

Well, you've found the place.

As for money, it seems that churches today are too often simply way, way out of line. Churches have become a huge, booming, business with more church buildings and more paid church workers than ever before. Just drive Prince William County and you'll see what I mean. There are new church buildings (some costing millions and already abandoned) going up all over. And, supporting that huge structure requires enormous resources. And at the same time there are more poor; more unemployed; more homeless; more without health care. Church palaces going up short distances from the ghettos too many live in. Is that really what Jesus would have us do with the resources that we have to share?

So, we decided to start something new and different, yet scriptural -- a church that doesn't want or need your money.

How do we do it? Great question.

If you look at where most money that is given to most churches goes you will find that almost all of it goes to pay for buildings and employee salaries. [BTW, spending money on church buildings and employee salaries is not something we can find support for in the bible.] We don't have any building costs or employees. So, that cuts out 99% of the costs that "normal" churches have.

And, the 1% left that pays for things like bibles, song books, study guides, coffee :) -- well, members happily pay their way and/or give so others can have these things. But, we are talking spare change here, literally. And even that is not even requested.

Now, does that mean our members don't "give" to God? Oh no, we are all about giving to God. We aim to give everything to Him and glorify Him in all we do. All of our time, treasure and talent. We just don't give it to a "church."

Instead we are Kingdom Builders. We are focused on sharing our time, treasure and talents with the world around us -- our friends; our neighbors -- to further God's Kingdom -- both in heaven and on earth as prayed by Jesus in The Lord's Prayer.

We try to follow the model of the early church as described in the New Testament. In this way, we are trying to move back to the roots of what Christianity really was about and should be again. It's an ancient, but true, Christianity that is more relevant and needed in our world today than ever before.

Together, we do lots of great things to make the world a better place and we are proud to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, working to build God's kingdom on earth -- today. To be the light of the world. Literally, not figuratively.

We fully embrace the essence of the Christian faith as stated in the Nicine Creed and you can read much more about what we believe at What Should a Christian Church be Like?

The bottom line is that by streamlining our Church in this way, we are able to empower our members to play a much more important role in church leadership and we are able to use all of our resources to further God's kingdom rather than an earthly one. Members are able to contribute (time, energy and/or money) to causes and missions that they really believe in. And, often members join together to leverage each others skills and passions and help create a positive, caring, productive -- mission focused -- community.

So, if you are interested in this new way to "do" church -- please let us know. Just use the contact form below.

Thanks and we look forward to meeting you!

p.s. -- This article does not intend to condemn every church with a paid pastor and building. In fact, recently I've found some local churches that have nice buildings and paid staff that do a really good job of using their resources to further God's kingdom in heaven and on earth. In case you are wondering, the ones I've recently discovered are United Methodist. I also found a great baptist church in Fredericksburg, VA.

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