The NRA has Blood on its Hands

- by MJ (Montclair, VA)

The NRA has blood on its hands ... again. If you support the NRA, it's best you don't talk to me today.

Comments for The NRA has Blood on its Hands:

What Happened - by Jessie M.

I was thinking about Blaming You For What Happened.

Crazy People Easy Access to Guns - by MJ

Hi Jessie, the facts are, as I repeat each time we have another of these horrible, murderous incidents, each done by a crazy person using guns --

THE FACTS are that crazy people exist everywhere and are dispersed relatively equally per capita in all countries of the world.

The United States stands alone in industrialized world in giving crazy people easy access to guns. That's why our gun killings rates are so much higher than all other industrialized countries. The all have stricter gun control laws.

Why does it take 8 years for a doctor to receive a license to operate on a human being and 10 seconds for a crazy nut to be handed a gun?

Why don't we say if you want to handle guns -- join the military, become a police officer, or go through extensive training (maybe a few weeks at least...) and receive a gun license. That's the best way to keep guns out of the hands of crazy people. And, it makes sense.

Nothing like that will happen as long as the NRA maintains it's power.

Frankly, this problem will not be fixed until the NRA is greatly weakened. The people have to go after them; make it an embarrassment to be associated with them. Sort of like what happened with Karl Rove, the Koch bros, etc in the last election.

yes, i know conservatives in this thread will rally to the NRA, swear their allegience, etc. I don't care. It's the other 60% of the population that can change things for the better.

A person goes through more requirements and regulation to get a driver's license then they do to own a gun.

Steal the Guns - by Jessie M.

Well Get your Experience from the persons that have had a gun put in his face and told he will die if he doesn't give his wallet to him, then come an blead on my step and we can talk about your stats. They Steal the Guns no one sells them knowing they are mentally Ill.

Why does the US have the Highest Gun-related Homicide? - by MJ

Jessie -- why does the US have the highest gun-related homicide rate in the industrialized world? Could it have anything to do with the fact that we have the weakest gun control laws?

Personal Passion of Firearms - by Jessie M.

Because , In Socialist Countries , They Don't have Personal passion of Firearms , But look at the Death rate by other means and see how they are . And They would not Allow you to Beat your Cause Drum at all , In China they wiuld Whip you to death with a cane pole . in areas where firearms are allowed to be carried the crime rate is nothing compared to places that don't allow a fire arm .

Support the NRA - by F Brown

..not talk to me ever would be better if you support the NRA.

People out of Prison - by Jessie M.

You could Have A Successful Mission at getting the fed to Release all the Grass smoking pot possing people out of prison , then put all the sick people in those prisons to protect them and protect us from them .instead of allowing them to run the streets doing what ever they want and the police can't do anything about it .because the methadone clinics would go broke .

Millions Killed Each Year from Abortion!!! - by M Riley

Lets talk about the millions killed each year from abortion!!! No do not talk to me if you supported Obama!!!

Gun Control Laws - by MJ

Here we go, the last refuge of the conservative: abortion.

Actually, conservative social and economic policies are responsible for far more abortions than pro-choice policies. So, do not talk to me if you supported almost any Republican.


why do you think we have a higher gun-related homicide rate in the US than ANY other country that has stricter gun control laws? You really believe it has nothing to do with the gun control laws? Come on...

Lack of God in Schools - by M Riley

More people have died cause of gun control! Fact so get off your high horse! Cause of these shooting is lack of God in schools!!

Ignoring the Nuts - by Carlton D.

Wow, I hope you don't mind me saying, but the pro-gun people posting here are all barely literate nuts! It's time for reasonable, intelligent people to step forward and do something serious about gun control in this country. I think the first step would be ignoring the nuts.

Own Power and Shoot Anyone - by McIntosh

The NRA didn't make that man insane enough to want to kill people. You can set a gun on the counter and leave it there all day and I can guarantee that it won't get up under it's own power and shoot anyone.

Innocent Victims - by DOF

McIntosh, that tired old argument does not work anymore. If fact, it is a downright insult to all innocent victims of shooting deaths.

People Kill People - by Carlton D.

I agree. The "guns don't kill people, people kill people" is a tired, stupid platitude used only by idiots. People with guns are killing far too many people. It's time to restrict the ownership of firearms to well-regulated militias. Period.

Loose Gun Laws - by MJ

It's true that people kill people, not guns. The thing is when's the last time you heard of someone killing 26 people with a knife or kitchen pan?

The death rate from guns in the U.S. is 36 times higher than in Britain. This far exceeds any other different violence related rate. The only reasonable explanation therefore is the different gun laws. Theirs stricter; our looser.

Our loose gun laws are killing literally tens of thousands of people each year.

Christians should give a damn.

Shot Multiple Times - by Carlton D.

I totally agree, MJ. In the tragedy at Newtown, one of the things I find so awful is that many of the victims were shot multiple times. This is an example of overkill only a man with a gun could accomplish.

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