Tax Dollars Going to Help the Poor

- by Mo

"If you don't want your tax dollars going to help the poor, then STOP saying that you want a country based on Christian Values, because you don't..!"

- John Fugelsang

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NOT the Job of the Govt. - by Bob

It is NOT the job of the govt to provide for the poor.

Allow Charities to properly do their job by helping people imporve themselves.

That's a cop-out - by Mo

Bob, that's a cop-out. You just don't like what the bible has to say on the subject.

Check out:

Remind me - by Bob

I dont have time to read the link at the moment - but I did bookmark it and will read it with an open mind - may be a week or so, as this is a very busy week - and I want to give this article my full attention.

Since I have a lousy memory, if I dont reply with in 10 days - remind me - we have VBS this week.

Trapping the Poor and Extorting Votes - by Jeff

The justice referred to in the quoted verses is fairness under the law. It is not any call for social justice. Show me where the Bible says to take from one group to give it to another.

Government largess is not about helping the poor. It is about trapping the poor and extorting votes out of them. "Vote for us or your bennies will get cut." Lefties dont give hoot about the poor. I can tell you from first hand personal experience that once one receives benefits, it is hard to get off it. If you love them, you would help the poor stand on their own feet instead of making them slaves on the goverment plantation.

I will be impressed when liberals help the poor with their own money instead of everyone else's money. Anyone short of homeless in this country is fabulously wealthy compared to most people throughout time. We have the richest poor in history.

It's Just Common Sense - by Mo

All rationalizations. This is a simple thing. Even if the bible said nothing at all about community/government help for the poor -- it's just common sense.

If you want our community/government values to be consistent with biblical ones -- then you have to believe in prioritizing community/government support for the poor. It's simple.

The reason you are squirming is a good -- your conscience is still alive. You know what is right but it conflicts with your personal political views. So, you are struggling with this. That's a good thing.

Not Squirming or Struggling - by Jeff

I am not squirming or struggling. And my conscience is just fine. I have no conflicts either. I do know what is right. That is why my politics are what they are.

BTW, if you wish to pontificate as to what is consistent with the bible, you might want to demonstrate a basic knowledge of it.

Think on all these things - by Mo

Ha, have a good night Jeff. Think on all these things..

Democrats Continue to Prove that It's All about Vote-Buying - by Jeff

Democrats Continue to Prove that It's All about Vote-Buying.

Wearing Lipstick - by Linda

@Jeff, you should be wearing lipstick, bright red, I think.

The Poor - by Anonymous

If you check on the religious front, you will find they have stepped up their contributions to the poor to the point that they are running out of resources... What is your next solution??Justifying your wealth by criminalizing the poor is the tactic of greed and blinds us to the solution. The poor would rather not be poor, but making a descent living is getting harder and harder. I put myself through college. I understand suffering. Those of you who don't have been spoiled and justify your view point by lack of experience or forgetfulness.

Where your Taxes Really Go - by Anonymous

Along with helping the poor, your tax dollars really go to support the continued profits of Big buisnesses such as walmart, in the form of foodstamps, healthcare, etc, for thier employees, because they choose massive profits over paying thier employees a living wage.

The waltons (walmart) claim to be a christian based orginization. but because they choose not to pay a living wage, your tax dollars have to make up the difference.

Six members of the family rank among the top eleven on Forbes' list of wealthiest Americans,[2] with a net worth of about $93 billion. With their 49% stake in Walmart, they brought in $2.2 billion in dividends off of Walmart stock last year alone.

The Waltons aren't just the face of the 1%; they're the face of the 0.000001%. In 2007, when the six Waltons on the Forbes list were worth $69.7 billion, their wealth was equal to the total wealth of the bottom 30% of American families.[3] When new data on American wealth is available next year, it will probably show an even wider gap between the Waltons and the rest of American families. The Waltons are worth $93 billion now, while most Americans still haven't recovered from the recession.

Why does all of this matter? While the Waltons are building billion-dollar museums,[4] driving million-dollar cars,[5] and jumping between vacation homes, Walmart, the country's largest private employer, is paying its associates an average of $8.81 an hour.[6] The Waltons make billions a year off of a company most of them don't even work for, while Walmart associates struggle for respect on the job and enough pay to make ends meet.

Through their family legacy, places on Walmart's board of directors, and their 49% stake in the company, the Waltons have the power to turn 1.4 million Walmart jobs into good jobs. And make it so we dont have to do thier job and take care of thier employees.

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