Right to Bear Arms

- by Johnny (Enterprise, AL, USA)

Too often the left and secular Americans use the term "What would Jesus do?" I will find that out the moment I pass over into eternity.

At the present I am an American that firmly believes in the Constitution, the right to bear arms, and that this country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles.

I have served in the US Army as a Light Infantry and Parachute Infantryman, been to combat twice and strongly believe that the commandment that says "You shall not kill" means that you shall not murder.

Every bad guy has a choice before they commit the crime, but in every crime there is a point of no return. Since I have retired from the Army my greatest human fear is the situation where I can't save my life or the life of another person(s) from injury caused by another person(s).

The doctor in Conn. whose two daughters and wife were killed by those two thugs probably wished they had a weapon nearby. Young women that have been kidnapped and killed would be still alive today if they had a concealed weapon.

Will having a concealed weapon stop the bad guy? Maybe, but you at least have a better chance than without one. Take all the weapons from the law abiding citizens and all that is left is the bad guys with weapons and the police who we all know can't be everywhere at the same time. It only takes seconds for the bad guy to cause mayhem.

Those individuals that are against Americans owning and carrying weapons will have that as one of their last thoughts just before they die or are seriously injured from the bad guy. For those individuals you need to practice now the GQ or graceful position you want to be found in by the first responders.

The current administration is trying to slowly take away our rights in the Constitution. Once they are gone, it will be almost, if not impossible, to get back.

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