Render to Caesar What's Caesar's and to God what's God's

By Mo Johnson (VA)


Jesus said "render to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's" (Matthew 22:21 and Mark 12:17). Doesn't that mean we are to keep out of politics?


No. I have no idea how this interpretation comes about. If you were to somehow think it applies to politics, then I guess you would say Jesus is saying "render to politics what is politics” just as we are to render to God what is God's. OK, fine, so???

Another important point here is that we actually have examples of Jesus working with politicians. Both Nicodemus and his friend Joseph of Arimathea were members of the Sanhedrin. Jesus never told them to abandon politics or quit the Sanhedrin. In fact, Joseph of Arimathea used his political influence to get permission to bury Jesus' body after he was crucified.

Bottom line is I see nothing in the bible that says we should avoid or keep out of poltics. Quite to the contrary actually. Certainly if we believe the Kingdom of God is relevant to this world, we have to be engaged politically to help build the Kingdom.

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