Regarding the Health Care Debate

by Mo (VA)

My reply to a conservative regarding the health care debate. It shows that liberals actually have the best answer to fix our deficit (not to mention improved health and social justice):

"We've been thought this before, but I'm happy to do it again. it's simple.

US GDP is 16 trillion now. As a society we now spend about 18 percent of that on health care. That's nearly 3 trillion dollars. And always rising. As I type this all those numbers are actually higher now.

Countries with single payer average about 9% of GDP on health care, some less.

So, if make our health care system like theirs (all payments and health care expenses handled by gov't) we will save about 1.5 trillion a year in health care costs. I would argue actually it will be more since I would argue making our health care costs lower will help competitiveness of our society, increasing jobs, economic activity, GDP, tax revenue, etc.

But, I recognize there also would be some jobs lost (the paper pushers) as we became more efficient. So, I'll just leave the number at 1.5 trillion -- though I truly do believe this cange would also be a net plus to our economy overall.

(and of course, the wealthy are always free to pay for their own luxury care if they want)

As for your points about supposedly Americans not accepting the new way because of this or that -- all of that is debatable. I think the data shows our health care system quality and outcomes is average to below average -- so I think those things would improve actually. Most people who actually live in countries whose health care we should emulate (britain, canada, australia for instance) -- like their health care and would not change to our system if they could.

But, even if any of what you say is true -- it evades the main point -- which is we can't afford our system.

if we want to be serious about reducing the deficit we have to reduce health care costs. We have to go where the waste is. It's in health care. I've found a way to completely eliminate our deficit and produce a surplus -- with arguably NO overall negative consequences.

I challenge you to do the same.

Comments for Regarding the Health Care Debate:

Right Thing to Do - by Vickie

Healthcare for all is the right thing to do. It would be what Christ would expect us to want for others. When did we become so heartless and selfish in America?

The Way of their Healthcare System - by Christina

If this were true, why did the Prime Minister of Canada come to the USA for his healthcare? And actually I have heard people from Britain actually say, practically beg, the USA not to go the way of their healthcare system.

We have the Best Health Care - by Mo

Yes, people with means will come here because we have the best health care -- for those who can afford it. For those with regular insurance it is ok health care. For those without insurance it is abysmal.

I don't buy the anecdotes about people in other countries supposedly saying they don't like their health care and "beg" us not to change. for every one of those anecdotes, i'll raise you 10 the other way.

The truth is that not only does the US trail in health outcomes overall, but we also trail in overall patient satisfaction.

And, you will not find a single country that has universal, single payer (i.e. socialized) medicine where even 1/3 of the citizens would want to swap with what we have.

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