"Pro-life" Christians Should Support National Health Care

The US has the most expensive, most wasteful, most inefficient health care system ever devised in the history of the world. We spend by far more than any country has ever spent and we cover fewer people than any other industrialized country in the world. 40 countries rank above us, every country in the industrialized world.

Do you know what each of them have in common? Yes, that's right, socialized government/community provided health care. Yet, they do it more efficiently than we and cover everyone. Our current system is bankrupting our people, our governments, and our businesses.

Some have mentioned abortion. Let me tell you something. More fetuses die each year due to our having the second highest pre-natal death rate in the industrialized world. 39 countries rank above us.

What do they all have in common? I think you can guess by now. MORE fetuses die from this than from abortions. If you, or anyone, considers themselves pro-life, then you and they are hypocritical if you or they oppose universal health care.

I have a homeless friend. He has a heart condition that will kill him if not treated. It is not an emergency, thus he cannot receive care at the emergency room. He cannot qualify, under our present system, for government health care to get the surgery he needs. Please tell me which church I can send him to. Only the government can and will provide the care needed. You know that and everyone in this discussion knows that.

Some will rationalize it away, others will do the right thing. Anything can be rationalized. I am standing by waiting to hear back from you. His surgery will cost at least $300,000 and there will be substantial follow-up care required as well. Please tell me where to send him.

Tell you what, when the church and other charities provide the care currently needed that isn't being provided -- then we can talk about cutting back government services. Until then, any talk of cuts in medical care is patently unChristian. Note that one of the major political parties not only opposes the President's planned expansion, but has called for cuts to health care for the poor and middle class.

Downright sinful in a country that at the same time is the wealthiest the world has ever known -- except that most of the wealth has gone to a few people -- whose tax rates are already historically low and proposed to go lower. Talk about biblical injustice!

Yes, I have no doubt that Jesus would support the affordable care act. He'd also support universal health care. And, undoubtedly he would be (and is) a Democrat.

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