Obama Stimulus Funds Save Electricity Costs and Environment

I was just reading an interesting article from my local utility company lauding the results of their "Smart-Grid" project. The project was made possible due to a grant from the Obama administration using the 2009 stimulus funds that seem to be so controversial. I hardly ever hear anyone say good things about stimulus funds. Republican politicians routinely say it was a complete waste of money. Yet, the article says:

The replacement of old analog control, monitoring and protective devices with state-of-the-art digital equipment has enhanced the ability to operate our system with more flexibility and greater reliability.

The new technology is reducing electricity system losses, which helps reduce the cost of power. In addition ... the new equipment will save NOVEC more than $100,000 annually in distribution and substation maintenance.

So, good for the environment and saves money. Sounds like it wasn't a waste after all. And, there are many similar projects all across the country thanks to President Obama's stimulus funds.

Check out Obama Stimulus Funds Save Electricity.

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