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By Johnny (Enterprise, AL USA)

Jesus was not a liberal. He is God incarnate, come down to earth in the form of the Son of Man, Jesus. I am a conservative Christian who happens to be a Republican. Correct, the Kingdom of God is not of this earth. Jesus quoted that.

I am a Christian and I am an American. The left seems to always want to criticize Christians when they take a stand on an issue concerning laws presented or biblical issues that cross into the political realm. Christians are to take a stand for their faith, but not to get into an argument and become like the world. The left seems to think that Christians are suppose to be silent outside their specific church and that's far from the case.

The second issue is that conservatives and Republicans care what happens to the poor. For some reason the left hides the fact that there are just as many and probably more rich Democrats and Independents than there are conservative Republicans.

I see a lot of the left wing celebrities spouting their support for going green, saving the world and every animal on earth, but nothing on saving an unborn child, children in poverty, homeless Americans, etc...

I see the left wanting the government to take care of them from the cradle to the grave and give up more of their freedom in the guise of whatever the government tells them is the reason. There is an attack on Christianity from the left and the government sanctions it, but let someone attack Islam and the government is all over them.

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True Christians in Both Parties - by Marta

I think that there are true Christians in both parties. I am a democrat and I believe that the unborn should be protected, as well as the woman who carries the unborn in her body. I believe that an effective way to honor both, the mother's choice and the life of the unborn, is to provide a support system that guarantees that the child will have all needs met. It must be scary for a woman to accept the responsibility of caring for a child when she does not have the means to do so.

But, if we also cut programs that help the poor, we are delivering a double message, and condemning mother and child to a life of misery and poverty, which in turn, this life yields misguided children who end up in jail and who we are so willing to castigate. We are called to love one another anyway, and not judge, only God knows what the right thing todo is.

Thanks Marta - by Mo

Thanks Marta. That is also why I'm a Democrat. Of course abortion is only one of dozens of important issues, but here's my take on it What Does it Mean to Be Pro-Life.

By Most "Republican's" Definition, Jesus Would Have Been a Liberal NEW - by Donald (on the left coast :-)

After reading Mo Johnson's article "Is Jesus Really a Liberal?" I found myself cheering and in agreement because after decades of Bible study, I see that Republicanism is contrary to everything I study in Scripture.

In reading Johnny's response I see more right wing Republican rhetoric than factual information. Johnny, in my opinion is a great example of "motivated reasoning" or as the saying goes "Don't confuse me with the facts, my mind is already made up!"

While there may be many Christian converts who are of both political persuasions, the more I study the Word, the more I believe that the whole Gospel and the Gospel of the New Testament teaches a very different lifestyle and mindset that Republicanism and the right wing evangelical extremists.

We are told that the early Believers turned the world upside down because of their love for each other and the world around them. In the early church, the Holy Spirit also brings fellowship instead of factions... Acts 4:32 says, "And the congregation of those who believed were of one heart and soul; and not one of them claimed that anything belonging to him was his own; but all things were common property to them."... something that would definitely be called liberalism by today's evangelical right wing "believers".

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