Ideological Rigidity of Conservatives Threatens Future of All

I'm with you here. I don't understand how conservatives, many of them allegedly "Christians" think. They look at the world we live in and on issue after issue their ideology trumps all facts and reason.

For instance, on health care they recognize the facts that we have the most expensive, inefficient system in the world. We spend more, and get less, than any other industrialized county. Yet, somehow, they can't see the obvious solution which is to to do things more like the other 23 developed countries which get more and spend less. Why? Of course, it's because those countries all have some form of "socialized" medicine. So, the rigid ideology of American conservatives simply won't even consider the obvious.

Same thing on this issue. Conservatives (mostly) recognize now that global warming is a fact. They now shift the debate to whether human causes or natural causes are predominate. Who cares? We obviously need to do things that will reduce global temperatures. Yet, they oppose doing those things. Why? Again, it's rigid ideology that trumps reason.

Same thing on taxes. Our government is going broke. Rich people pay an overall lower tax rate than they have since at least the 1920's. This despite the fact they have never been richer. Poor people are paying an overall higher tax rate than they did in the 1920's -- and the poor are hurting. So, conservatives look at that situation and their response is to cut programs that help the poor so they can further reduce taxes paid by the rich. Huh?

Unfortunately, only conservatives can cure themselves of this disease. We can diagnose it, even recommend treatments, but they have to treat themselves.

The saddest thing is that conservative ideological rigidity harms us all.

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Yup - by CJ Ross

Yup, I saw Rick Santorum make an argument that pollution is fine if it make us richer because, after all, God gave us dominion over the earth. He has to make this argument so he can synthesize his political and religious beliefs. But, he can't.

The things we do that deplete the earth's resources or damage the environment - what purpose do they have other than profit or preservation of our consumerist lifestyle? And how is any of that moral?

How anyone can make such an argument for doing whatever we want to the earth because God gave us dominion over it in this age of oil spills?

I sure hope Mr. Santorum doesn't keep reading in Genesis, because pretty soon he'll get to polygamy, concubines, and slaves. I'll wait for his policy proposal on that.

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