Have a Safety Course and be Certified before Purchase Gun

- by MJ (Montclair, VA)

Gun Debate: It can be ugly. But, seems like everyone of good will should be able to agree to this:

"I am for legislation. I want a background check, a cooling off period, and I will go one further. I think every person who owns a handgun should have to log range time, have a safety course, and be certified before they can purchase one. If you are not comfortable with that weapon, you have no business owning one."

Comments for Have a Safety Course and be Certified before Purchase Gun:

Why Not? - by Lisa Fox

We have to be licensed for driving - why not for use of a potentially lethal weapon?

No License, No Carry - by Jay H.

As a gun owner I can get fully behind this idea, and I would add an additional fee or tax in the form of a renewable carry license. No license, no carry, concealed or open, and a BIG penalty for non-compliance.

Revoked Forever - by S. Pupett

And should one ever have an accident with their gun, or have it stolen, or used by someone else in a crime, your license to own that gun should be revoked forever. Just like a drivers license when you get to many DUI's.

Stealing my Gun - by Jay H.

Equating someone stealing my gun to me getting drunk and homicidal with a motor vehicle is taking it just a bit far. There are worlds of difference between the two situations.

Guns Wiped off the Earth - by S. Pupett

I know that. But I can't help it. I want guns wiped off the earth, and other impossibilities I know can never happen.

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