Great Economic Inequality Video

by Mojo

Wow, fantastic video. This is the reason President Obama is exactly right to refuse to compromise on the necessity of the wealthy to pay more taxes. Not only is wealth inequality horrendous in America now -- but if the poor and middle classes are forced to shoulder the burden of fixing our current fiscal mess -- then things will be even, unbelievably, much, much worse.

It is essential to the long term survival of our country that the rich pay more taxes, more like they paid in the "good old" 50's, 60's and 70's -- before Reaganomics began the gradual perversion of our economy.

President Obama should push this issue to the wall. Force Americans to choose. If, as a result, Americans are unhappy with him and vote the GOP in control -- so be it. After their health care, social security, food stamps, unemployment, transportation, education, jobs have been savaged in order to fund continued tax breaks for the wealthy.

After that happens, then, finally, Americans will know what a terrible mistake they made and the GOP will be wiped out in the following election.

Then, we can finally fix our country.

Or, maybe Americans will see this coming in 2014 and take care of the problem then. Either way -- this issue must be resolved one way or another. Is our economy going to work for all or for only the plutocrats? That's the question that grows larger each day.

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