Flat Tax Proposal

by Mo

I'd also favor a flat tax with a very large exemption amount and few (maybe even no) deductions. That single change would do tons to limit the money that goes into politics. If the politicians aren't able to dispense special favors on groups or individuals that contribute to them -- well, the money will begin to dry up and laws will be passed based more on what's good for the public and less on what's good for those who contribute the most money.

That flat tax proposal would be good for the poor as more of them would not even have to file, good for the middle class, as more of their income would be exempted, very bad for the rich and super rich that most use the various tax deductions they continually lobby (and pay) for.

This is the sort of thing the Democratic party should stand for. It should force people to make clear choices when they go into the voting booth. Given the extraordinary gap between the rich and poor in our society -- most of the choices should be tailored to address that issue. The Democratic party should be known as the party of the people; the GOP as the party of the rich.

We are already 75% of the way there -- but we don't have clear enough, bold enough, simple enough, policy proposals to force people to make a choice. Instead, we allow the important issues to be neutralized and most people vote on more cultural and social feelings.

Make the poor white folks in rural areas understand when they vote GOP they are voting to take money out of their pockets and give it to the rich. IMHO.

Comments for Flat Tax Proposal:

Over Taxed - by Dennis

When the rich get over taxed, reducing business and thus jobs.

Low Tax Rates - by Mo

Of course, the rich are paying historically low tax rates right now.

Is It fair? - by Dennis

It is fair that 90% of federal taxes are paid by 10% of the people???

Was that Fair? - by Mo

Depends on how wealthy the 90% are.

Back in the middle ages, the top 1% paid 100% of taxes.

Was that fair?

Automatic Electionic Tax - by Bob

I am in favor of the Automatic Electionic Tax - everyone including business, non-profits, ect all pay - no execptions - http://www.electronicflattax.com/

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