Business Should Support National Health Care

by Craig Swenson (Indy, Indiana )

I'm a small business owner. I would like to hire employees but don't because the cost of benefits, especially medical insurance, is too high. So, instead, I hire contractors that I can pay for the job and avoid paying medical benefits. It is more awkward for me as I have to take time to hire someone for each job and explain to them what I need done, etc. It would be more efficient and I could do a better job with employees that were already trained in my system. But, if I had to pay for their medical benefits I would go out of business.

So, I would love if the U.S. (like all other industrialized countries) had a national health care system where the government paid for health care for all. Then, I could afford to hire employees.

Frankly, I am dismayed at business (like the Chamber of Commerce) opposition to national health care. It seems to me that universal, government provided, national health insurance would be more efficient, cost our society less (i.e. taxes to pay for it would be far less than insurance premiums we now pay -- THANKS for your helpful info in the article above) and certainly would be good for business. It would help us compete on a level playing field internationally -- since most companies from other countries are not saddled with health care costs like we are in the US.

Well, that's my take on this -- no idea why other business owners don't see it that way. Maybe they'll respond to this and let me know. I'm mystified.

Comments for Business Should Support National Health Care:

Another Business Owner for National Health Care - by Mojo

I'm with you Craig. I also own a business, a very small one, and more than a big business, I need a quality government partner helping to provide things like good education, transportation networks, and health care for my employees. Big business, maybe, can afford to buy this stuff -- I can't. So, national health care would help me compete with big companies and companies around the world who are not saddled with these costs. Thanks for posting.

Not to Mention Starting a Business! - by Leslie

Yes, I see lack of guaranteed health care as the primary impediment to entrepreneurship in America. I'd love to start a business but worry if I quit my employer to do that -- I won't have health insurance.

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